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VoIP Services/Installation

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With so many PABX / Switchboard systems available in the market it is difficult for businesses to choose the one that fits them best. The PABX industry is in a transitional phase moving away from traditional hardware based systems on its own network towards software based systems that run on your data network.

So when is the right time to make the move? How expensive are IP Telephony systems compared to traditional PABX systems? What are the risks with IP Telephony? The following factors affect which system is right for your business:
Type of telephone lines e.g. Analogue, BRI , PRI or VoIP
Number of extensions Type of extensions e.g. Analogue, Digital, IP or remote users.
Your telecommunications expenditure including fixed line, cell routers, inter-branch calls Which PABX features your business needs e.g. Basic features only, Call Centre functionality, Call Recording, DECT and hospitality features
What networking and backup power infrastructure you have in place.
Itinstallations will advise you on the PABX system that fits your business best. Please contact us for an obligation free consultation.

Benefits of VoIP

This solution integrates with your business’ existing network architecture and allows you to route voice calls via your data network to other branches. You will also be able to route voice calls through the MTN Business VoIP solution to local, national, mobile or international destinations at rates of up to 35% cheaper than by fixed line.

Aside from the cost-effectiveness of this product, the It-Installations VoIP solutions will provide you with the following:voip

    • Superior quality of service

    • Expedited voice data across the network

    • Fraud detection and monitoring capabilities

    • Mobile Number Portability connectivity

    • Lawful interception capabilities

    • Redundant architecture to ensure uninterrupted connectivity

    • All calls billed per second with no minimum call charge

    • Lower rates between customers using an MTN Business VoIP solution